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    Angry Travel Trailer Without a Title

    My question involves a consumer law issue in the State of: New Jersey

    I recently purchased a travel trailer from a seller through in New Jersey. He provided me with a notarized bill of sale and his previous registration. When I went to register the trailer, they informed me that the bill-of-sale identified it as a 27' Starcraft Travel Trailer, but the current registration had it listed as "homemade". When I went back to the seller, a private party, he informed me that he didn't have a title for the trailer and he had purchased it from a "junk yard". I don't know the circumstances of how it arrived in a "junk yard", but it is certainly usable with a little work. I spoke with a supervisor at MVC who put me in touch with an MVC investigator as it is supposedly illegal to sell a trailer (over 2000 GVW) without a valid title. They told me I need to have the seller go through the process of obtaining a title which he refuses to do. After doing a title search, there is no lienholder listed (thank God!!!) but the title is listed as "Salvage" and assigned to an insurance company. My question is as follows:

    Do I have any chance in small claims court to sue the seller for selling me the trailer without good title, or at least for the fees involved in obtaining a "no evidence" title?

    Can the seller be prosecuted for this transaction?


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    I have never heard of a law that makes it illegal to sell a vehicle without a title, unless it is not owned by the seller. You accepted the vehicle under those terms. I believe you are stuck, unless you can get a rebuilt title issued.

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    Default Re: Travel Trailer Without a Title

    Instructions on how to register a trailer, including a "homemade trailer", can be found here. It looks like the state has tightened up its regulations in recent years, and perhaps that's the root of the problem. Historically the registration would have been sufficient.

    Is the insurance company title an out-of-state title? That could also be the problem.

    If you can point to a statute or regulation that requires a title, please share the citation - I didn't see it.

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