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    Post Reporting an Ex-Spouse's Unauthorized Employment


    I married a Japanese national while she was here on a tourist visa, she and I were previously married in Japan and have three children. At the time we were married in the United States, I was a full time student. Which made being her sponsor difficult due to the 125% of poverty level, however my father was her sponsor. We tried and were denied the fee waiver act 3 times. After the 3rd time I dropped out of university and got a job to become her sponsor as my father retired, we submitted the payment to INS, and in response they requested a letter from my employer, stating proof of income. However, about that time she took off with our children and went back east to New York without telling me anything, and she didn't return until the night before school started. Six days after returning from this trip, on a Monday night when I returned home from work, she became volatile and created an argument that eventually led to my arrest for domestic violence. She had our 11 year old lie about what occurred to the police. Now a few years later, she uses the courts to not allow me to have any visitation with the children. I finally received a copy of the final order for child support, the order states that since she only has income of 160 dollars for online teaching of Japanese and English, and that she didn't have the right to work, no visa, that I was and have been paying 95% of the child support. In the support order, she stated that she was making 500-600 previously, again when she didn't have a right to work, with this information, court documented, is this something that INS would look at or not? I don't understand why she is here, since I can't see the children and more than likely they have been severely brain washed, I want nothing more than for her to be deported.



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    If you want to report the unauthorized employment to the USCIS, you may do so. Whether they deem the matter worthy of investigation or what action they might take? That's not something we can answer on their behalf. I can reasonably state that they're prioritizing cases involving criminal convictions, so it won't be at the top of their enforcement list.

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