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    Default Second DUI, About to Be Deported

    friend just got pulled over for his 2nd DUI in 3 years, he was deported the last time, and re-entered illegally, he is set to be deported in a few days, he cant afford a lawyer, and wants to know if he should fight deportation, or if he can even do that, and to make things worse, the last time he was deported, he did not show up in court for the DUI, bottom line is that he has his wife and 3 daughters here, 2 of his daughters were born here, and he would have to come back here if deported, anyone know what if any options he has?

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    Default Re: Second Dui, About to Be Deported

    I cannot see him fighting this without an attorney.

    Given his history, with an obvious lack of respect for this country's laws, I cannot see a waiver being approved any time soon. His wife and children will of course be free to visit (or perhaps move) to his native country.
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