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    Default When Can a Non-Lawyer Help You File a Motion

    My question relates to legal practice in the state of: NC

    I wrote out a motion to dismiss a case and I was in the Hospital and ask a friend to pick up the paper work for me. He thought he would do me a favor and fill out the motion (as I wrote it out on paper) and file the case on my behalf. I'm Pro Se and I'm pretty sure it's not legal. What should I do? Should I talk to the judge before my court case and explain the situation? The case is a Civil case and I'm the defendant.

    Or can I amend the original and do it right?

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    Default Re: A Motion Being Filed

    Well, fill out your an amended motion and file it.

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    Default Re: When Can a Non-Lawyer Help You File a Motion

    I'm not sure exactly what this person is doing for you. What does, "fill out the motion (as I wrote it out on paper)" mean? They're simply retyping what you wrote?

    What do you mean by "amend the original and do it right"? You certainly don't want to do something wrong if you can avoid it....

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    Default Re: When Can a Non-Lawyer Help You File a Motion

    Meaning since I wasn't with the person (a friend) at the court house he filled out, filed, and signed the motion for (behalf of) me. He thought he was doing me a favor by doing this because at the time I was on medical leave. My friend is not a lawyer.

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