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    Default Complications from Gallbladder Removal

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: (Texas)My girlfriend went in for gallbladder removal, she was explained that the procedure would take two hours and be released to go home the same day. She went in to surgery around seven am, by seven thirty the doctor comes out from surgery saying he is very sorry but he had complications and she had lost a lot of blood in the process.Turns out the doctor hit the Aorta vein and caused an internal hemorrhage. He had to make an insition from the upper abdomen to below the belly button, to seal the wound and repair the artery. When my girlfriend was in recovery she couldn't feel her left calf so they had to take her in for a second surgery to place a stent in the damaged Aorta vein. She spent two weeks in the Hospital one in the ICU department. Does she have a case? We still don't know what will be the long or short term effects all this will bring? We have alot of questions and don't know who to ask, because she has never been in a situation like this.

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    Default Re: Gallbladder Removal

    Did she read the informed consent form? Has she talked to her treatment providers?

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    Default Re: Complications from Gallbladder Removal

    Vascular injuries during laparoscopic surgery are relatively common. To determine whether or not malpractice occurred, you will need to have the full medical record reviewed by a lawyer in your state.

    The legislators of your state has all but eliminated doctors' liability for their malpractice, so you're in a hostile environment for proving a claim.

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