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    Angry Who Pays for Guardianship Proceedings

    My question involves guardianship in the State of: Iilinois, my sister got Senior Serves, she wanted guardianship. Her excuse was she did not want anyone taking advantage of mother. We were in court on Wednesday. Mom did not want anyone to be her guardian, court and senior services did not listen to her, my mother is so mad at my sister, she could kill her, she has stated. Kathy used her she said. I had my own lawyer there but that made no difference. This was an in and out deal. This is not over. Kathy as guardian is responcible to make sure she takes care of my mother. I live with my mother and make sure she takes her pills and that she eats. Something Kathy swore to the court she does which is a lie. Who paid for senior serves and their lawyer?? Will it come out of my mother's account or will Kathy pay for it herself?? Kathy and my brother Lee honestly would like to move her out of the house and get me to move so they can have the house. Kathy has not taken her to the doctor my daughter does that. Kathy has not bothered to take her to the ER, my sister Pat, myself and my two daughters have and also my son and my nephew. I was very surprised it was done so quickly, and there was no listeningf to the other interested parties. I am considering filing a complaint somewhere. Thank you!!

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    Default Re: Who Pays for Guardianship Proceedings

    Payment for guardianship services normally comes from the estate. For estates that lack funds, a public guardian could potentially be appointed.

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