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    Question Can I Get Emancipated

    My question involves juvenile law in the State of: louisiana

    i am 16 years of age and i will be turning 17 on the 11th of june this year. i am young gay black male, highly educated and motivated. i want to know if i can get emancipated because of the situation i am placed in. i have an abusive, alcoholic mother. she cares nothing about me, she is materialistic and very aggresive. when i came out we constantly and still are getting into arguments and physical fights. she has put me out of the house on many occasions. she once put me out while it was winter and i had on only a wife beater and briefs, no socks,shoes,jacket or anything else. she has called the police on me claiming i am a very disrespectful person and that i treat her badly when its in reverse. she has threatend
    ed to kill me, poison me and verbally abused me as physically. she has beaten me, she has made me into her slave because whatever and whenever she says i have to do something i have to do it. i admit i am disrespectful on occasions but only to her. that is the only argument she has against me. i am in the 11th grade. i am now looking for a job and hopefully will have money saved up to move out. i asked some of my relatives can i move in with them and they agreed to my proposition
    i am fearing for my life because she told me that i will not make it to be 18. law enforcements told me when i turn 17 that i can move out without her consent and thats what i plan on doing. i once was beat badly that my nose started bleeding and i had marks and bruises on my face. a teacher even asked me if i wanted her to involve the social worker and i insisted no because i know if i would have and i wouldnt have been able to leave that she would hurt me. she beats me, she calls me out of my name and it hurted badly. i want to leave out of this abusive relationship with my mother. when she drinks its abuse 10. i want to know can i leave when i turn 17 and if not can i get emancipated due to my current situation. and .ore information about it is that she has called the police so that they can have me in the system.

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    Emancipation in Louisiana ONLY provides you with legal rights regarding ownership of property, and NOTHING else. If you are being abused, your recourse is to notify authorities or child services and if abuse is found, they can remove you from the home. If you have relatives willing to allow you to live with them, and have parental PERMISSION, you can do so. If your parents do NOT allow it, authorities will treat you as a runaway and those interfering in parental authority can face criminal charges. Emancipation, even in states with more liberal emancipation provisions isn't related to some level of abuse, it's DIRECTLY related to a minor's PROVEN track record of being able to pay for ALL of their own expenses. In NO state does going to live with other family members meet that very high burden of SELF reliance that the courts need to see to even begin to consider emancipation. There are about 1,500 threads on emancipation here. Check them out.

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    well the authorities assured me that i can move out once i turn 17 and i know of people that has moved and ledt their parents houses at that age and wasn't prosecuted nor treated as a runaway. an officer told me herself fhat she left at that age because of the situation she was in with her parents. this is all confusing.

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    No one can predict for you the level at which any law may be enforced by any given authority on any given day. We can only tell you what the law says CAN happen. The age of majority in LA is 18 - that is the age at which you are legally considered an adult and are no longer subject to parental authority. At any moment BEFORE that age, your parents can exercise their parental authority over you and can seek the assistance of both law enforcement and the courts to do so. While it may be true that 17 year olds leaving home without parental permission are rarely pursued in your area, IF their whereabouts are known and other factors are met, the LEGAL answer to your question is that leaving home before 18 without parental permission, by definition, makes you a runaway, and can subject those assisting or interfering with parental authority to criminal charges. The key rests with your legal guardians, and how adamant THEY are about pursuing the matter.

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    You need to stay where you are and finish school, which you will not be able to do if you leave. You need the English classes.

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