We went to talk withe another lawyer. This lawyer is a former judge and he said this judge "thinks he was elected god." He gave us lots of free advice for an hour an a half but we both knew we could not afford him. He said the order was an embarrassment and had never seen anything written like that. He said if he thought my father lied he could have charged him, but he didn't. He thinks the judge will back down or change something again, like changing it to a multi-needs case that way he doesn't have to explain it to the state. He said stand strong either they take me or they drop it. He said my family didn't want DHR up their butts all the time. He said the judge changed a delinquency hearing to a dependency hearing and ruled on it all in one breath which is against the law. He said the judge could have taken me in an emergency situation and then had a hearing within a couple days but he sent me home with my family so their was no emergency. He told us to file an appeal on the "order" or it may have been a motion to set it aside I can't remember. He said we needed to do it by tomorrow, Wednesday, and that we could do it ourselves. He said to ask for a copy of the dependency petition and to be informed of all of our rights at the hearing today. We knew of one other family that said the judge took their kid when they filed an appeal but yesterday we found out that several other families have gone through or are going threw the same thing. All but one he knew of has back down and kissed the judges butt. He said one family besides ours is fighting the judge but he said he was not representing them and he could not give us details.