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    Default Police Misconduct

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: wisconsin

    Okay so here goes I was in a small town of 13,000 people and the cops have fairly aggressive practices. I was picking a friend up and met them at a burger king around midnight as I was waiting for my friend to arrive I noticed on the nearest street that there was a squad car on the closest corner at a flashing red light just stopped and I waited for my friend for 5 minutes the whole time the cop watched me at the flashing light. As I was going to leave the cop turned around and followed me and then pulled me over he said my tail light was out and he gave me an operating after suspension I was unaware that my license was suspended regardless later after leaving we checked and all my lights were working. The car is registered in my dads name .This happened on 3-14-2012

    On 3-20-12

    My girlfriend was driving my car and we were going to the gas station and I was in the passenger seat and we drove past a squad car and we were pretty much turning in to the gas station when I looked in the mirror and he was turning around there was about a 3 block distance and we parked at the gas station the car was off and everyone was outside of the vehicle then we noticed the squad block our car in and as I was about to enter the store he said "HEY" so I stopped and sure enough it was the same cop who recognized the car and he told me to get back in the car so I did politely and he said I saw you driving and I wasnt so I said no I wasnt. He gave me another ticket for operating after suspension he said he saw me exit the drivers seat which is impossible due to the location of the gas station and I have witnesses who will admit that there was no way he could have seen me exit the drivers seat. He never initiated a traffic stop either .Come to find out I used to work with this cop at a previous job and we didn't get along. He also said he visually ID'ed me which I find hard to believe because he said "HEY" instead of my first name.

    So my questions are as followed

    Is that Police Misconduct?
    Is that a conflict of interest?
    Is there a way I can get the tapes from the gas station to prove he directly lied in his notes and prove he couldnt have witnessed me get out?

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    Default Re: Police Misconduct

    I fail to see any misconduct. The cause needed to stop someone is pretty slim. If you want to challenge the stop, you're best advised to have a lawyer. Note that even one bulb (even if redundant with other bulbs for the same lighting feature) is plenty of cause. Reasonable belief that there was an equipment problem (even if there is not) might suffice as well.

    They don't have to ID you by name to indicate that they observed you as the driver. This offense really REQUIRES a lawyer because it is definitely criminal since you'll not argue that you were unaware this time.

    Police mistakes are not "MISCONDUCT"
    What conflict of interest do you think exists? Cops arrest CRIMINALS. That's not a conflict.
    You can ask the station owner. If they don't provide them your lawyer can subpoena them in the criminal case.

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