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    Default Likeness in Local Newspaper

    I was mistakingly charged with a crime from which I was acquitted. However that didn't stop the local newspaper from reporting on it. What's done is done, but the article still appears on their website and whenever you Google my name, it comes up as one of the first results. (Nothing about the acquit naturally).

    I'm going to be applying for jobs soon, and for obvious reasons I would like the article removed because it doesn't accurately reflect who I am or what happened.

    What legal rights do I have to convince them to remove the article if they won't cooperate? Since I am a private citizen (as opposed to a political figure or celebrity), is it true that I own my own likeness and can ask to have it removed from the website?


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    Default Re: Likeness in Local Newspaper

    How many years ago was the story published? In what state?

    If all we're talking about is a "police beat" or "court docket"-type article, reporting what happened on a particular date without any follow-up, that's pretty typical of those sorts of articles. What type of article are we talking about and is the "inaccuracy" in the article itself or are you complaining that the article wasn't supplemented when further information became available? If the article is accurate, you have no leverage to compel them to change or retract it - so be sure to ask nicely.

    If you're complaining that they ran your mug shot, well, that happens. It's part of a public record.

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