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    Alright SO, i came up with an idea, ive been doing alot of programming and stuff for a game im making, im doing the graphics, the programming, and the story line is my own, its completely all mine. HOWEVER, ive chosen to distribute it. and since i cant fully put it up on the net for an IOS game through apple or anything, cuz i dont have the cash for the developing licence, nor another 148 for this program im using to buy the pro version of it, so i figured that i would maybe make my game and throw it onto a CD and sell it that way, in our park that we live in. HOWEVER, i need to know if i can get into trouble by doing so, not because of what ive created but for distributing it?

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    The only trouble I could see is with Uncle Sam, but that's only if you forget about him.
    I'm not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.......

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    "nor another 148 for this program im using to buy the pro version of it"

    This looks like your biggest problem. The software most likely says that you must purchase a license to use it anything you sell. You need to read the fine print (although your post seems to imply that it says this). IF you are required to have the license but dont purchase it AND they find out then you will get in big trouble.

    But seriously, if you can't afford $148 for a license then how are you even going to market the game? Who buys games on CD's at the park? You may want to look into "Kickstarter" for some funding if you think your game idea is that great. Then you can afford all the appropriate licenses, sell the game for iOS, Android, and even try to get it on Steam. Then you actually stand a chance of making sales.

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