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    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: CA

    My new attorney recently settled my case. My prior attorney did nothing and about a week before the statute of limitations would expire he told me he was not going to file a lawsuit on my behalf. That's when I went to my new attorney. He did 99.9% of all of the work. The insurance somehow know of the prior attorney and wants to add the prior attorney to the insurance check. Is the insurance company obligated to add him to the check?

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    You are obligated to pay whatever you contractually agreed to pay the first attorney. The paperwork you signed with him, assigned his interest to be paid by the insurance company.

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    Default Re: Prior Attorney Lien

    Apparently the former attorney did something before he was discharged. Your current attorney would normally contact the former attorney to try to work things out and, if that fails, bring a motion with the court in which the case was filed for a hearing on how the fee is to be divided.

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