My question involves a marriage in the state of:

I need a good divorce lawyer ASAP that does not normally practice in Chattooga County and is familiar with the politics here. My husband and I have been married since 2008 and he has kicked my son and I out of the house for the last time. I need someone who understands the politiics of Chattooga County and who will fight for me because I have been in the middle of a very sticky, complicated, unfair situation and I desperately need someone who can help me. During my first divorce I filed as plaintiff and it states this on the preliminary papers. When the divorce was over, it listed me as the defendant and my ex-husband as the plaintiff and my 5-year-old son ended up with everything we owned packed in the back of my pickup. For more info on my ex-husband please refer to a topic I posted previously under Child Support forum "Ex-husband will not work or pay support, owns real estate." Issues in the divorce involve a jealous husband who constantly wrongly accuses me of infidelity, lies, etc but who himself has subscribed to three separate interactive porn hook-up sites that connect him with local singles. Once again, he has kicked my son and I out of the house to fend for ourselves so I cannot afford to pay an attorney until later in the year, but I feel time is of the essence. He is spiteful and unreasonable and I truly have not been unfaithful to him and he truly has it in his mind to not only turn me out penniless but humiliate me in divorce court. Thank you in advance for your help.