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Carl, you are an exception. We've seen plenty of posts here, however, from posters who were given incorrect information from cops. I don't question your basic premise, here; my focus as an HR person is employment law and I've seen plenty of lawyers give incorrect information about employment law if their practice happens to be real estate law or criminal law or international law. But I don't think the poster can assume that this is guaranteed "not to go on his record" just because the cop said so, either.
I suspect the officer was referring to his state CORI - and he'd be correct, as this is the most common frame of reference when WE use the term "criminal record." I try not to make any absolute statements, but even when I tell someone that something MAY happen, they later relate it that we said it WOULD happen. Many people here what they want to hear and not what is actually said ... which is why I record most my contacts.