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    Question Federal Pre-Trial Services and Eligibiity for Time Served

    From what I understand is that a person cannot receive “time served” credit while under mandatory federal pretrial services for any period of time.

    IMPORTANT (Needed for personal reasons): I need further information regarding this law. Does anyone happen to know what section/statue/area of the U.S. Federal Law that clearly outlines this information (no credit for time served under Federal Pretrial Services) – please provide the Law Section details (law file number)?

    Thanks everyone!!!!

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    Default Re: Federal Pre-Trial Services and Eligibiity for Time Served

    If you're not in detention you don't get credit.
    Quote Quoting 18 USC 3585. Calculation of a Term of Imprisonment
    (a) Commencement of Sentence. — A sentence to a term of imprisonment commences on the date the defendant is received in custody awaiting transportation to, or arrives voluntarily to commence service of sentence at, the official detention facility at which the sentence is to be served.

    (b) Credit for Prior Custody.— A defendant shall be given credit toward the service of a term of imprisonment for any time he has spent in official detention prior to the date the sentence commences—

    (1) as a result of the offense for which the sentence was imposed; or

    (2) as a result of any other charge for which the defendant was arrested after the commission of the offense for which the sentence was imposed;
    that has not been credited against another sentence.

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