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    Default Supervisor Committing Time Clock Fraud

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: Texas

    I have a serious question and do not know where to go for advise. My boss (which is a boss over almost the entire state) is making our human resource department manager submit time sheets for one hourly employee as 12 hours a day even though this employee doesn't work that amount of hours. This employee usually gets every Friday off (he travels) and still gets paid 12 hours. The reason why this is happening is because the supervisor tried to get this employee a salary, but corporate said no - so he makes sure he gets guaranteed straight pay. This comes out to 20 hours overtime per week. We have a punch clock (finger prints), but have to email time to corporate every week. Our corporate office has questioned this pay several times, however, our HR manager says they will have to question the supervisor about it since she is afraid to tell the truth. I work for a company that is very tight on money and very strict. The company is in several states and about 10 branch offices.

    I personally think this is illegal.... I do not want to get in trouble for this since I am management of a different department, however, if our corporate office is questioning the matter and I am aware of it happening then they might terminate me also for knowing.... Too me, this seems like abusive of powers, time clock fraud, frauding investors of potential earnings, stealing and a bunch of other things. I have read that criminal charges can be put against anyone involved.

    Can anyone explain what it truly means to put in time clock hours that is false. Since the HR person is afraid to say something can this person get in trouble - can the supervisor making HR get in trouble and can the employee getting this pay get in trouble???

    Thanks and I hope to hear a reply soon.

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    Default Re: Supervisor Commiting Time Clock Fraud

    I would say you should mind your own business officially. It is not your decision as to what this persons pay should be based on. If you want to report it to corporate, I would make a Gmail account and send it to the corporate email addresses you have available without identifying yourself.

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    Default Re: Supervisor Committing Time Clock Fraud

    It is illegal to pay an employee for fewer hours than he actually worked. It is not illegal to pay an employee for more hours than he actually worked. The law is not going to be interested in this one. It's exclusively an internal matter.

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    Default Re: Supervisor Committing Time Clock Fraud

    Thank you. I will have to check internally what would be done - without anyone knowing it's me... hard one...


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