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    Default Tuition Price, University Student Expenditures, Fraud/False Billing and the Fed

    Not a lawyer, but I know plenty new ones are in student debt and unemployed so maybe you can help me wrap my head around this

    Everything Ive read about the largest and fastest growing debt in this country fails to ask the most pertinent question, why has tuition/fees risen at by 500% vs the CPI of 100% since the mid 80s and in the last 3-4 years we are seeing the steepest rise

    The "cost", "expenditure" to educate a student has never risen above inflation and the per capita cost has likely gone down with less services, increased enrollment, and increased revenue from ancillary services to students (parking, food, housing cost, insurance contracts, etc etc)

    and with the 2005 change that student loans are nondischargeable its the worst debt to have. I dont care what they say about your credit score when you make 55k a year and owe 200k with death as the only escape

    And with the fed becoming involved just a few years later, there are higher rates/fees and a 10-15 bill slush fund for themselves, banks making out by buyying schools debt/bonds

    At what point is this fraud? state cuts explain little of the rise and is given as the sole reason at state schools. often playing on students ignnorance by comparing percents rather than whole dollars

    **** this site is slow

    well it costs probably 3-5k to educate an undergrad and state or private they probably rake in 40-50k per student from all sources. our entire dumbass generation is being mortgaged. its filled in budgets since the 2007/2008 more then ever and keeps every states biggest employer afloat on students line of credit

    i see it as a civil rights issue and has all the public support it needs

    fix this low reent site
    false billing, advertising by schools, fin aid being used as a synonym for high interest loans

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    Default Re: Tuition Price, University Student Expenditures, Fraud/False Billing and the Fed

    Did you have a question?
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    Default Re: Tuition Price, University Student Expenditures, Fraud/False Billing and the Fed

    With private partnerships and grants non profit instituitions further blur the line as well as hard to find financial statements that arent consolidated beyond interpretation, I suspect many state restricted funds for students has been used otherwise.

    Tuition is just revenue and goes into the pot but some state funds are restricted (not much of the total though)

    wall st lowers schools bond ratings if they dont raise tuition.

    this isnt a free marketplace economy area and people talk about "choice" when from ages 5-18 kids are prepared for college and encouraged even when it makes little economic sense for many at this point

    Also the misrepresentation of federal loans as better by schools and competing banks themselves when you need only to make 12-18k a year or have a cosigner who does to qualify and even the worst tier private loan is better the federal at 7.9% with a 4% fee and the fed to payback rather the sallie mae (whom I got a 2.25% loan, 2% with ach but top tier credit)

    within the mpn they even provide isolated comparisons making a case for federal loans and it takes forever to get my private loan through the fin aid office but if i want a fed one its in my bank account friday

    as well as fin aid people discouraging students without knowing their offer from banks

    7.9% and 4% fee equals 8.3% over a 10 year period, the variable rate doesnt matter is the margins right.

    what precedents or assumptions are there for fraud in similar situations. by institutions, government

    a students legal protection from being exploited to fill in lost budget revenue

    reequired financial record keeping by public and private schools

    does anyone have any input or an opinion on probably the biggest personal crime that will ever be perpetrated against you? stealing 200k from you or your parents most likely is. thats years of peoples lives to payback for other peoples benefit and profit

    a 1 trillion dollar personal debt load in the country now and growing at 130-140 billion a year

    more than credit card, auto

    and you dont even get a house you payed a fair price for or a car or a tv that was payed at fair market value

    I mean maybe everyone else likes being a sucker and then just being thankful they can get the stupid loan they dont care where the money goes

    my reply didnt go through

    start with sentence that ends with a question mark and then im looking for general input, opinions, precedents for non profit fraud, consumer fraud, institutional or governmental fraud thats has any semblance. conspiracy as well.

    assumptions for laws

    and if its a civil rights issue

    financial disclosures by schools, whats required and where to request when its not given by the school when directly asked

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    Default Re: Tuition Price, University Student Expenditures, Fraud/False Billing and the Fed

    Non-grammarized rant troll alert!

    BTW, it's not the site that's slow, it's your antiquated/substandard PC or 'net connection.

    Uneducated non-grammarized rant troll alert!

    One more thing, if you "payed" $200K for your higher ecucation, you may be entitled to a refund of sorts due to some of the supposed education not taking effect.

    Jus' sayin'!
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    Default Re: Tuition Price, University Student Expenditures, Fraud/False Billing and the Fed

    Its is fraud no doubt. As soon as the gov't started all these student loan programs the cost of college started climbing at an astronomical rate, and its still climbing today.

    It now can cost $50K/yr or about 200-250K for a BS degree for a medium rated school and college costs have been directly affected by the federal gov't programs. So the programs that were intended to allow students to achieve a college education (like you cannot work & go to school) have made this education either unobtainable or creates a financial disaster for the people who go to school. School debt has surpassed credit card debt in the US within the last couple of months.

    The federal gov't has no right to meddle in these affairs. I'm certain that the banks love student loans; they are not able to be discharged & I'm sure they saw that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow & supported student loan programs via lobbying.

    What happened with the housing market is directly attributed to our federal gov't private business loan practices policies (Clinton & others after him).

    Right now, we have a fascist educational system .. the federal gov't needs to stop giving banks these special exemptions regarding these types of loans. If done, the price of college will go back down; if not, expect an education to be cost prohibitive (may as well work at McDonalds due to the crushing weight of student debt).

    So, yes a fraud has occurred but there is no legal relief available. Other than overthrowing the gov't. Most people have no idea - they think that the fed's education loan & grant policies are actually good for this nation when its just the complete opposite.

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