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    Default Giving Up Permanent Residency with Tax Obligations


    I got married in the usa afew years ago.. ..i have a green card..but recently got divorced and returned back to the uk to be with family...i have decided to stay in the uk..and want to hand back my green card
    i understand i will need to pay taxes for the year 2011 and im not sure whether to turbo tax it..i just wondered if anyone could offer some advice on what you are supposed to do in this situation..i was to be correct but im not sure what i have to do..
    i plan to fill in a 1407 and get the green card sent away
    Thank you for any help

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    Default Re: Giving Up Green Card/Returning to Uk/Tax Issues Too

    Contact a tax professional?
    Turning in your green card at this point has no bearing on tax issues for 2011.
    It will have little to do with tax liability for 2012.

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