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    Default Is There Such Thing As a Mistaken Harassing Contact

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: new jersey
    with a restraining order against me, my ex went to the police charging that I violated the no contact restriction by allegedly showing her a photo to intimidate her. She said the photo was of me with an Ex that I abused (inferring that I was "saying" with the photo, look, this could be you). She also alleged that I yelled profanities and pushed in her door to do such. In reality I was at her door to pick up my son, I said nothing to her and she observed a photo of me and a friend that I was showing my son. There was more to the incident because she started yelling at me but in court, it became clear that the photo was innocuous. It was a 28year old photo of me with a high school friend. not my ex (and I didn't abuse my ex either..). I believe she conjured the event to villify me in upcoming family court but the fact is that at worst, she was mistaken as to who was in the photo. It's similar to if she charged me with flipping her the bird but then admits in court that I was waving to my son. did I then make an illegal contact? of course not. but in appeal, what law or case law is behind me. I need to spell it out for the appeal (oh, yes, I forgot that the trial court found me guilty against a pile of evidence but the testimony and evidence is clear that the photo was not of me with anyone I ever lived with)/

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    Default Re: Is There Such Thing As a Mistaken Harassing Contact

    There are three outcomes, guilty, not guilty and not charged.

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    Default Re: Is There Such Thing As a Mistaken Harassing Contact

    Will you PLEASE STOP creating new threads on the same subject. If you have further questions or points to make, add them to the existing threads.

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    Default Re: Is There Such Thing As a Mistaken Harassing Contact

    hello Ron - thanks for your response and constructive input. Are you a board moderator? I read the posting guidelines and have been doing my best to post per the guidelines and also as most logical and effective for me and other users that might be interested in learning from the threads. In that light, while I am obviously working on a single case, I have tried to start new threads for each issue or Point of law as it might be said. While a continous thread for discussion purposes is efficient for the writer and any one particular reader, as well as developing say a legal argument, I think I would get more attention/response in terms of people with knowledge on a specific point by posting new threads with those point headings (much like a legal brief with poojnt headings). And again, anyone skimming through threads looking for his issue (or doing a key word search) would have an easier time of getting his information. This is why I started a new thread for this new issue. But again, if you are a moderator and can point me to the posting guideline that I'm missing, please let me know and I thank you for your patience.

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