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    Default Videotaping in the Classroom

    My question involves education law in the State of: California

    Hello, I'm a high school teacher in California. As a new teacher, I want to be able to self-assess after a lesson and would like to videotape a class. I do not plan on posting this video to any internet sites; however, I may submit it as part of a job application where it will only be viewed by other eduction professionals.

    What precautions should I take in videotaping in my classroom? Do I need to get consent from parents or students? How about from my administrator? I keep reading that the classroom is a public space and is therefore an okay place to record. I cannot find anything in California's Education Code about this so I figured it is covered under other types of law.

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    Default Re: Videotaping in the Classroom

    Speak to your administrator, first. Find out how THEY might be comfortable with you proceeding ... if they allow you to do so in the first place.

    If you are permitted to go forward, you might want to consider obtaining permission from students and parents just so that you do not have any problems later on.
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    Default Re: Videotaping in the Classroom

    Usually it's OK for teachers to tape themselves in class if it is for evaluation purposes - if the footage is kept in-house. This means that all footage stays in the building. I would check with your administrator first, and I'm sure that your local superintendency has likeness of image guidelines + default waivers . That said - getting students (their parents) to sign likeness of image waivers is not always an easy thing as some parents do not want their kids on camera for a number of reasons. Countries outside the US typically do not have issues with likeness of image. However, we live in the US where everything is of a litigious nature.

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    Default Re: Videotaping in the Classroom

    When I was student teaching some half a million years ago, we were REQUIRED to video several classes to give our advisors an opportunity to critique us. The procedure was simple enough - discuss the reasons for recording with the administration, then with the mentoring teacher, then get signed waivers from all of the students. The waiver should make explicit what the purpose of the recording is.

    On recording days, kids who didn't bring in the waiver sat in the back of the room, out of camera view.

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