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    Default Probability of a Past Felony Conviction Affecting Residency Status

    When I was 18 (2008), I plead guilty to a felony conviction of theft -- likely a crime of moral turpitude. Since I was so young, the court granted me a youthful offender status that seals the case. However, I understand that in the eyes of immigration -- this is still a conviction. I was sentenced to 5 years of probation which I have recently been discharged from via early termination (2012).

    My current status is a permanent resident and is expiring in 2017. However, this year I am eligible for citizenship. I know that the application for naturalization could trigger a check and I have a deportable crime on my record. What is the probability of that happening? Should I wait a few years? Even if I wait, will my outcome change?

    I understand that my case is quite severe and the best advice you can give me is to consult an immigration attorney -- but I'd like to hear some second opinions.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Probability of a Past Felony Conviction Affecting Residency Status

    Not only could it trigger a check, you are REQUIRED on your N-400 to list this crime even with the first offender status.
    Failure to do so will not only screw your application but will likely trigger a deportation. Time will not affect that.

    Whether they chose to deny your application or act on your green card is something I can't predict.
    The renewal of your green card might be safer.

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