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    Unhappy Mistake Preventing Transfer of Title

    My question involves vehicle registration or title in the state of: TX

    My husband recently drove about 9 hrs from where we live to purchase a vehicle. The man handed him a title and a title transfer sheet that he said he signed. My husband, tired from driving all day, did not inspect the title. He did not realize until he got home and we went two days later to have the title transferred that the man he purchased it from never had it transferred to him. The man signed it in the buyer spot when he bought it and the original owner signed it. He then signed it in the dealer spot and gave it to my husband. How do I go about getting this transferred to my husbands name. We have not had any luck contacting this man and do not know the original owner. Do I need to try to find the original owner or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Mistake Preventing Transfer of Title

    Yes, the best and fastest approach would be to have the original owner obtain a replacement title and properly execute it.

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    Default Re: Mistake Preventing Transfer of Title

    Quote Quoting Mr. Knowitall
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    Yes, the best and fastest approach would be to have the original owner obtain a replacement title and properly execute it.
    I would say that the OP could have avoided this by having the previous owner go to DMV with him & get the title transferred when he bought the car.

    Now he and the seller made a mistake ... the seller may need to do a duplicate title request, time ~ 8 weeks.

    As far as registration is concerned this can get tricky ... registration requires proof of ownership. And proof of ownership can be established by more than just a title. DMV has the authority to determine ownership issues .. with a signed title w/o error this is a no brainer. w/o a properly signed title not so much. In your case its even harder because you have what is known as title skipping - very very frowned upon.

    To do what Mr. Knowitall says will take about 20 weeks (8 weeks for duplicate, 8 weeks for transfer to the guy you bought it from, 4 weeks of travel time & misc. time). And I think you have get a properly signed off title in your case, given its a skip title.

    Your best bet? File a small claims or regular case to recover your money .. without it I doubt you'll get a proper title. There is no incentive for the seller to do anything (the threat of a suit means nothing). Once the case has started then the skip seller has great incentive to get a title in his name so he can properly sign it over to you.

    If you cannot find the guy who sold it (to serve process with) then you are stuck at the mercy of DMV. And I would expect them to decide that you are not the owner..then your off to court to fight them & your hopes are grim.

    I would go over to your local courthouse and start looking for court cases of people who have been in similar situations to get an idea of your chances of being able to enjoy your recent purchase.

    Now you may be able to find the previous legally registered owner via a VIN # oir plate # chk ..

    If all else fails ... you can go to dmv and say you lost the title before you could transfer it and tell them the previous owner is nowhere to be found and have them offer up to you a solution.

    This car could be stolen too ... I would go to the cops with the vin # and ask if it is ... nothing will happen to you if it is stolen & you do this. Right now you just have a car and civil issue ... best to keep or insure that no criminal stuff results from your purchase. Maybe being stolen is the best option, may be a tax write-off.

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