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    Default Injured By A Doctor During Emergency Room Treatment

    About a year ago I stupidly put toilet paper in my ear as a make shift ear plug, I was sleeping and there was a crying baby in the next room. Well after waking up I hopped in the shower and somehow a piece stayed in my ear canal. After a few days my ear became infected and I went to the emergency room. The doctor took looked and sure enough saw the paper in there. They at first painlessly shot a small amout of water in there to try to get it out, after that failed he tried grabbing it with some small utensil type tool. I was in agonizing pain when he started digging in my ear with all of those tools to no avail. After his repeated attemps to remove it they bring in the head of the ER, he looks in my ear tells me my ear is now to swollen to do anything and I will have to see a specialist. I go to the specialist the two days later he tells me the same your ear is too swollen gave me something to bring down the swelling and come back in a few days. When I come for the second visit he pulls it out with no problem using the right instrument and I'm back to normal almost in a few hours. Now this cost me more than $500 to go to the ER I was refunded the physicians bill of $140 after writing a letter of complaint. But never recieved any other correspondence about the emergency room fees. And I had to pay for two visits to the specialist because of the swelling from the ER $90 each. My question is should I sue or do I even have a case my ear is fine now but I did suffer quite a bit, and I want a refund for the amount I paid already to the hospital. Please give some guidance to what you might do in this situation. Thanks

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    Default Bad Treatment of Ear

    If you are interested in having your situation reviewed for a possible malpractice claim, you should speak to a local malpractice lawyer. Please note that many lawyers will deny your claim regardless of its merit, as it is extremely expensive to litigation malpractice claims, and thus (due to the fact that it can otherwise be a money-losing proposition) many firms won't take them unless they are likely to recover a very substantial amount of damages.

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