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    Default Bullied at Work

    My question involves labor and employment law for the state of: uk
    well got bulled at work by the boss. been told a was lazy by the boss.
    i nearly set the place a light as the fork lift was flat and the battery wires was around the wrong way. and i caught this light switch and a bloody great big spark shot out of it and tripped the fuse in the office.
    and i work in the cold store at -18 on my own with out of date clothing what are not up to British standards. and they give me thin gloves like gardening gloves ...iam in there 2 hours 30mins at a time with no break.................... i work 9 hours in there and get 1 hour break all day

    so i got my own back and reported them to hse and they came around and gave him alist as long as your arm to do
    then i got called in the of and asked do i want to be hear i said NO!! right he said i will right you a letter saying there is down turn in trade so you can still claim jsa.
    then on my last day he got me to sign this letter that i cant remember what it said expert it said i certify. ........... then i asked were my copy they said you dont need one its for are insurance just in case ............................. does any one no were i stand thanks

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    Default Re: Unfair Treated

    This is primarily a US website, and US and UK employment law are NOT the same, by any stretch of the imagination. We have no experts in UK law here, and only one responder who knows anything about it. I'm sure she'll respond if she sees it, but in the meantime you might try this link:

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