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    Post Music Video Rights


    I hope you all could provide me with some clarity in a situation I may have to deal with. I am a vocal recording artist. I go to a studio to record my music (that i wrote) and pay full price to have it recorded. The producer provides the Instrumentals (beats). Conflict then occurs. The studio and I part ways on not the best of terms.

    Before this song is released to the public, a videographer that was refered to me is now interested in shooting a music video for this song. The producer then claims that he owns the rights to the song and will not allow the production and release of the music video until he provides written consent. No contracts or agreements were signed or agreed to at any point.

    A few questions:
    Do I own some or all of the rights to this song?

    If I own some of the rights, am I allowed to create this music video without his consent?

    Can I sell the song? If so, does the producer get royalties?

    If I can provide any additional information to clear things up, feel free to ask.
    Thank you all in advance and I can't wait to hear what you guys think.

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    Default Re: Music Video Rights

    You went to a recording and signed a contract for its services, and the producer contributed to the recording. (At least I hope you have a contract.) What does your contract say about your rights to the resulting recording?

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