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    Default Restraining Order Situiation

    My question involves civil rights in the State of: nc my wife and i had a child on feb 1st of this year. on feb 5th, we got into an argument. she beat the crap out of me took the baby, her belongings, and filed a restraining order on me. lived in a domestic violence shelter then weeks later broke down my door punched me roughly 40 times, then fled with our daughter in the car. police was called. she has two warrants for her arrest, a restraining order from me and i was granted emergency custody of our daughter but she has to turn herself in for me to have custody. i found out she has an attorney i havent found one yet. how do i beat this without an attorney, in case i dont have one in time. in regards to the restraining order she put on me, i was told that she could contact me but i couldnt contact her. so when she broke down the front door, she didnt violate it.

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    Default Re: Restraining Order Situiation

    Dad seriously, you need an attorney.
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    Default Re: Restraining Order Situiation

    i have an appointment with one on monday just afraid of the retainer balance and our court date is weds

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    NO MATTER WHAT..> My Ex was on anti depressants and drinking and running around. I had her to the hospital, police were involved. the first time she rean out with my daughter, she got a restraining order against me so I had to litterally pay her to drop it. BLACKMAIL. A few years later, the second time she left, she did the same thing and I said to myself, no way will I be blackmailed into spending a ton of money to hire a lawyer again. I learned that Judges grant restraining orders because it is safe for the judge, they don't care about the degradation of your rights or your family. Get a lawyer and if you have to go to Court before you get a lawyer, explain to the judge that you are trying to get a lawyer and request an adjournment. You have your whole life ahead of you and it can get much worse. And you could loose the bonds with your kids and they will be damaged permanently by your crazy Ex. get a lawyer. it's money well spent (and I do my own legal work but this is my advice).

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