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    Default Roommate ran up a giant phone bill in my name

    Virginia State
    Last year I moved into an apartment with a friend and after a few months decided to pick up a third roommate. We got along fine, and for a while he used to use phone cards to make calls to Mexico. At some point though he stopped using the phone cards and just started t make the calls on my and my other roommates phone. When the phone bill came in it ended up being over 10,000.
    At first he paid off a small amount of it but then just kind of let it go. My question is is there a way to legal move it to his name, since I didnt authorize his use of it anyways, or if I could only sue him for the amount owed. I think either way he would take responsibility for it. Also, I know he's not a citizen but he was here legally on a visa at the time, though he may not be now.

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    Default Re: Roommate ran up a giant phonebill in my name

    It was your phone and thus you are responsible for the bill.

    However, talk to the phone company and beg and plead.

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