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    Default Cancelling A Sublease

    I was going to sublease an apartment and found out that I could not move to this unit and informed the sublessor that we could not move in over a week before our move in date (which kept getting pushed back).

    We approached the property manager and asked if there was anything we could do to help find another tenant and she responded "its not like this is a low demand place I would not worry" and that we should discuss with sublessor. Sublessor stated she was going to cash our security deposit of $600 which we thought was unfair since she had stated there were 60 other calls about the property and we had not even come close to moving in. I then stopped payment on the check since I felt the entire security deposit should not be withheld since we had never signed anything. What if any, do you feel our liability should be? A


    we are in CA too by the way

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    Default Re: Cancelling a sublease

    What does the proposed lease say with respect to your questions?

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