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    Default VWP Ineligibility Waiver Has Been Revoked

    Back in 1993 I went on holiday to Florida from UK - apparently used the VWP incorrectly (later it was discovered I had in fact done some "moral turpitude" back in 1989 when I was applying for a work visa which was denied - also in 1993).

    When I tried to holiday in 1996, I was deported - I had become ineligible for the VWP as a result of my 1993 trip when I unknowingly (didn't know what moral turpitude was) misrepresented myself.

    I wrote to Embassy in London and they "waived my ineligiblity to use the VWP". Since 9/11 though this has changed, and so now I require a visa. They have granted me one in the past but it came too late for our holiday and I never used it. So I am confident I can get a visa for holidays if required. Trouble is it involves a whole day, and expensive trip to London to the embassy where you're treated like cattle and like you've done some serious wrong (like no-one actually resident in the US has ever done anything wrong and they're some bastion of goodness for the world to behold and don't you dare try to visit just because you got drunk once and ended up in trouble, even if that was over 20 years back!).

    Anyway ... I have an aunt/uncle resident in US. I am age 42. Any options for me so I needn't go to London once a year? I really would like to visit the US, and take my 4.5 year old daughter visiting etc, play golf, see all the sights and so on.

    Can I get my aunt to adopt me and get citizenship?
    Can I apply to get back on the VWP? (I think they won't do it)
    Can I get more than a one-year holiday visa? (A 5 year one would at least save me 4 more trips to London!)
    Any ideas?



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    Default Re: Pre 9/11 My Ineligibility to Use the Vwp Was Waived, Since 9/11 This Was Revoked

    We have enough criminals in the US. We do not need to import more self important ones, to break our laws. Amazingly, you obviously fit this bill, otherwise, you would not be considering fraudulent means to come here.

    Sorry bout yer luck.

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    Default Re: Pre 9/11 My Ineligibility to Use the Vwp Was Waived, Since 9/11 This Was Revoked

    Adoption won't work. If you have difficulty getting a visa, citizenship - even if you had a pathway to it - would be more difficult.

    You can try the VWP if you are prepared to return home immediately if denied entry. I wouldn't traveling with a child.

    The length of the visa is the consular official's option.

    You should consider consulting a US immigration attorney in the UK for a complete review and suggestions on your options.

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