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    Smile Transfer of Probation Based on Engagement

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Pennsylvania - receiving state............Oregon is transferring state

    My fiancee will be released at the end of the year, 12 months parole, 3 of those months he is required to stay in Oregon and then he will be able to leave the state.He wants and hopes to be able to come to Philadelphia, PA, but someone mentioned he might not be able to since i am not family yet? i dont know the rules here, not sure if we have to be married already, we were hoping to wait til he got out next year in front of our families but if we have to we can in prison(not where i dreamed our wedding would be!) do you have any idea? thanks for any help we can get!

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    Default Re: Transfer of Probation Based on Engagement

    Read this, and the more detailed information provided through that page.
    Quote Quoting Interstate Probation and Parole
    Generally, offenders must have a good reason to have their probation or parole supervision transferred to another jurisdiction. Applicants must be able to demonstrate that the proposed plan in the receiving state is where they are more likely to succeed under supervision through the development of stability factors such as reuniting families and establishing meaningful employment. Both state-sentenced offenders and county probationers are eligible for transfer with certain limitations.
    A mere engagement can be a weak basis to argue for a transfer - what happens if you break up? How will your boyfriend house and support himself in the new state, whether or not you break up? Is this in fact your reuniting with him, or did you start this relationship while he was incarcerated?

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    Default Re: Transfer of Probation Based on Engagement

    Yep, what he said. Normally, being recently married or being engaged has little to no bearing on whether a transfer is approved. It does not establish any set ties to the new state. If the parolee had been an established resident of that state prior to incaceration, that would make a difference. If you were married and you moved to thee new state more than 6 months ago, that would make a difference. But, getting married now in order to facilitate a trasnfer will probably have little bearing on the situation at hand.

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