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    Default How to Clear Title if the Lien Holder Cannot be Located

    My question involves real estate located in the State of: Virginia Do to mergers no one can find any principles or corporate entities. The property in question belonged to my mother now deceased for 5 years. She was living there under a life estate. I have been taking care of the property. Any help here regarding this mess. The lawyer that handled this in 1983 said this was the most unusual case in his experiance. He is now a retired Federal Judge

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    Default Re: Lien Holder Can Not Be Found After 29 Years. How to Clear Title

    Who was the remainderman? You?

    You'll probably have to file a quiet title lawsuit (that will take a lawyer) to dismiss that claim.
    It's not all that uncommon an event (old liens, hard to find lienholders).

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