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    Default Who Should Pay Return Shipping for a Defective Product

    OK. So I bought a computer online form California online and I live NY. As the buyer of the computer, which laws do I follow? California's or NY's law.

    My computer came in and ran fine for the first week. After that it started to crash after 20 minutes (note I didn't do anything major with the computer yet) and found that several parts in the computer were failing (defective hardware/products). Can i get a full refund?

    When I called them they said they will repair it at no cost but I will have to pay for the return shipping and the reshipping. Why do i need to pay for something they messed up on? Do I really need to pay for this?

    Lastly, if they refuse to give me a refund, can i dispute the whole charge?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Defective Product/ Returning/Resheipping: Who Should Pay and (Can't Fit It All)

    That is standard procedure for warranty repair, unless you purchased an upgraded warranty. You have no basis to dispute the charge, they are willing to honor their warranty.

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    Default Re: Who Should Pay Return Shipping for a Defective Product

    If the vendor's warranty is online, perhaps you can post a link. It's not atypical for the buyer to have to pay shipping costs for warranty repairs, unless the vendor makes available and the buyer purchases a higher level of warranty protection.

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