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    Default Rights for Elderly Home Owner

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: florida

    Back story: this is a problem that has many layers and three people involved. The victim is an 81 year old woman. The offending party and negligent party are her daughter 52 and grandson 17. The grandson and daughter live with the woman. The woman is being verbally abused, and her home is being destroyed by the grandson. He has in the past set fire to the home, put holes in the walls, and used a downstairs room for a drug den. On several occasions the grandson has struck her. But because her daughter is threatening to leave and take financial help with her these crimes are going unreported. Today the grandmother tried to kick the grandson out and he broke back in through a window. Be began threatening his grandmother and putting more holes in the walls. I need advise. What are the laws on this, how can I help without revealing my identity? Thanks for any advise you have that leads to a solution for this woman.

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    Default Re: Rights for Elderly Home Owner

    She needs to legally evict him or have him arrested and a PO issued.

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    Default Re: Rights for Elderly Home Owner

    The first question is, what does grandma want? The second question is, will she actually take the steps necessary to get what she wants? (I'm assuming that grandma is mentally competent.)

    If she wants her daughter and grandson out of her home, she can evict them.

    If she is being physically assaulted, she can call the police.

    I have no idea what you mean by "her daughter is threatening to leave and take financial help with her". If you mean her daughter pays rent, and the rent will stop if she moves out, that's not something we can do anything about.

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