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    Default Insurance Claim Denied After Car Was Stolen

    My question involves insurance law for the state of: Illinois
    Hi there. I have a question. I want to SUE my Car insurance company because they refuse to pay for my stolen car which is been more then 6 months and still hasn't been recovered. I was paying full coverage for about 4 months till the moment my Range Rover 1998 was stolen. After filing proper claims i get a letter from my insurance that they denied the claim. The reason why was because i misrepresented myself. and what they meant by that was that when i signed the contract i selected NO in a question ( Has your license ever been suspended or revoked) Now let me explain how this happened. I got the insurance thru my broker. Everything was done by phone. My broker happened to be family of dear friend of mine. At the time i asked for insurance my driver license was suspended already suspended and the reason why was because of child support for which i was going thru courts with my ex. First i decided to insure my car liability and my car was paid in full. On the liability contract it wasn't any question regarding my driver license either was suspended or not. After a week or so i thought to myself that if i get in a accident god forbid and it was my fault i have to may myself for damages and you know for such a car would be very expensive so i asked my broker if i can changed it to full coverage and so they did. on the day i did the change the girl that worked for my broker and assisting me asked me Klodian you are aware your license is suspended. I said yes and i explained the reason y. So she found this insurance company for a low price and she emailed me the contract to sign and fax it to her. now under the questions which i saw of course latter after i was denied claim i saw they were marked all NO and that was done on computer not hand writing. which of course in this case was done by the girl that helped me. Now my broker told me that insurance company should had run your driving record before they issue insurance to you and if they done that they were gone see your driver lisence was suspended. But when my broker asked them why they didnt run it Their answer was that they trusted me based on the contract i signed which to my opinion is BS. Now i want to sue them and all the lawyers they refuse to get my case and my believe is because my car is worth about $4800.00 and they don't see how they can make money out of me and i don't have to pay them up front. Now if i go on small claim max i can go is $3000.00 ???? thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Insurance Claim Denied After Car Was Stolen

    It's your obligation to read your contract and make sure that your representations are correct before you sign and submit it. Your signature represents that your statements in your application are correct.

    If the lawyers you have consulted have advised you that you have a viable small claims action, given that they have had the opportunity to review your application and insurance contract, I'll defer to their judgment.

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    Default Re: Insurance Claim Denied After Car Was Stolen

    Remember, insurance company's will take your money every month, but when it comes time for the insurance company to pay a claim, they take out there magnifying glass to find something to deny that claim.

    Next time you sign something, make sure it's 100% correct.

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