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    Default Collection Agency Didn't Respond to Settlement Offer

    My question involves collection proceedings in the State of: California.

    We had an account go into collection when we were out of the country and were not aware of the payment delay. In 3 years, the original charge of 400+ has grown into 1100+. We recently moved back to US after 5 years and a collection agency is trying to get us pay the money. Initially, they wanted us to pay over the phone through a credit card. We refused and sent them a settlement offer with option of repaying the amount if they agree to close the account as fully paid. We were willing to pay the full amount as well. However, it has been 3 months and we have not heard from the collection agency.

    We are not sure what we need to do now. We were hoping to close this delinquent account and clear up this bad credit history. If the collection agency does not respond to the settlement offer, then what are our options now? Are they not obligated to respond to our letter?


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    Default Re: Settled a Debt, But the Account Remains Open

    They told you that you owed them money, you declined to pay and made an offer of settlement, and they did not reply back? They're under no obligation to enter into settlement negotiations.

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    Default Re: Collection Agency Didn't Respond to Settlement Offer


    Thanks for your response. No, I did not refuse to pay. I agreed to pay the amount mentioned in their letter. Actually, they would not even send us a letter and were trying to reach us through phone. We got an official letter only after a couple of months. I asked for agreement to either remove or state my account as "paid in full" and I haven't heard from them.

    I don't understand why a collection agency would not run after us to get their amount. While they dont accept the offer, they will keep piling on additional interest charges on the existing amount. How can we close this account with the collection agency?


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