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    Default Relied on budget developed with CFO, offered much lower afterwards


    I work for a company in CA.

    While at the company I saw an opportunity to develop a new product delivery model that would increase our business.

    The idea was well received by the administration. And I did some preliminary work that verified the strength of this new approach.

    In anticipation of the launch of this new program, I developed a budget with the CFO. Included in that budget was a director position that it was agreed that I would take with the official roll out of the program.

    In specific conversation with the CFO I asked what woudl be the expected range of compensation for this position. Based upon her information the position was budgeted at 65,000. The budget was approved.

    Over the last year, I have worked extremely hard setting this up. Didn't pursue other offers, etc.

    A couple of days ago I was informed by the HR folk that the CFO had approved the new position at 42,000.

    If at the beginning I had been told that the new position would pay this I would have declined to go forward.

    What is my position?



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    Default Re: Relied on budget developed with CFO, offered much lower afterwards

    You can (and probably should) look for a new job. Or you can work for the lesser salary. I doubt that you would be able to make any sort of viable claim based on "I worked really hard at my former salary", as you were an employee fulfilling your job duties, and you were paid.

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    Default Re: Relied on budget developed with CFO, offered much lower afterwards

    Thanks so much for the input. Of course, not what I wanted to hear.

    It looks like I have no power here.

    The actual fact is that I went to a half-time basis (and took a hit to my pension contributions) on my actualy contracted position and took a non-benefited 20 hr/wk hourly rate to work on this project. Of course, if they'd been truthful with what they were actually willing to pay for a director, I would never have done it. And the project wouldn't exist.


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