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    Default How to Recover a Security Deposit

    My question involves landlord-tenant law in the State of: california

    Issue #1:
    we have moved out and completely cleaned the house. The walls were "normal" when we left; ie a few small nail holes from pictures and maybe a few hand prints, etc. We didn't paint any walls any new colors or anything like that. The landlord claims to have had the house completely repainted for $3,000 and insists we pay for 1/3 of that ($1,000).

    From what I have read, the walls are considered "normal wear and tear" and the landlords/owners responsibility

    Issue #2:
    The house has 90% hardwood floors, they agree that the floors are left in good condition but now claim that they "arent shiny enough" and want us to pay to have them "shined" (not cleaned, as we cleaned them)

    I don't have any knowledge of hardwood floor rules

    Current status:

    We moved out feb17, showed the house to the property manager on feb 19, it my understanding that they have 21 days to return our security deposit, which would be March 11.

    Thank you in advance for your time,


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    Default Re: How to Recover a Security Deposit

    If you believe you can make the case that the damage you caused to the walls constitutes ordinary wear and tear rather than damage that justifies a deduction from your security deposit, you can sue for that money in small claims court. Ideally you'll have photographs you can use to document the minor nature of the holes, and no provision in your lease that forbids you from hanging things on the walls.

    I am not in a position to comment on what it means that the floors "weren't shiny enough". On the surface, no pun intended, that doesn't sound to me like a valid damage claim.

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