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    Default Attorney Missed Court Date, Won't Return Calls

    My question involves medical malpractice in the state of: missouri
    i paid my atty $1000.00 of the $1700.00 total in feb. 2011 for a DUI. $200 of that was for him to request the hearing with the dmv to keep my license til the court date.(did not get any receipts for this) and some time went by. The next time we spoke, we found out he had the original court date postponed, and that he had everything cleared with the dmv. meaning i still had my license. About 6wks later, i called to ask if i had court coming up and should i be there, etc.. (trying to get any info) and it took over a week to hear from him. At that time, he informed me to register with satop and complete the satop program. So i did. Upon completion, i tried again to call him to let him know and it took a couple days to hear back. Then he said the court date was pushed again and wouldnt give an actual date. He would only say "it's next month, ill call when i get to the office to let u know the exact date". He never called. So that next month i started calling again to see whats going on and got nothing. Then i was heading to work in november and got pulled over. The officer said i had no license and arrested me.When i was released, i called my atty to get some answers.He said i had a license and that we needed to meet so he could get the new ticket and so i did.He said everything is fine just go to the dmv and get a copy of my license since the cops took mine.I went to the dmv right after meeting with him and the dmv said, i had no valid license. i called jefferson city and asked them and they said i had no license.So of course, i called to tell my atty. Once again, he said i had a license.So ive been driving scared for over a year now on his word.I havent heard from my attorney since the beginning of january.court for the new charges was last month. i called them to find out that he has a recommendation and got the new court date. atty hasnt told me any of this. the date for the original offense was last week and i just found out from them that he didnt show and a warrant was about to be issued. the courts have told me before that once an atty is entered on a case that they couldnt give me the court dates so i didnt know when it was. I have been calling my atty since mid january nearly everyday at various times and left lots of messages and still havent heard from him. Today i called from a different number and left a message but didnt say who i was and 2 hours later, he called it back. Unfortunately, i wasnt there at the time so i didnt get to speak to him. but i called him back from my # 5 mins after he called that # and he didnt answer. What is going on and what can i do? He doesnt have a real office. The address i have for him is his home and only have his cell phone #. I need some help and cant afford to pay another atty. All i have the is $700 im supposed to owe him. And he hasnt mentioned payment of any kind since day one. Someone please help. This is my first offense.

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    Default Re: Attorney Missed Court Date, Won't Return Calls

    Step 1: Get a new lawyer.

    Step 2: Ask for a partial refund (if owed) and, if you cannot reach an accord, consider a fee dispute. (You can consider suing as well, but I expect the fee dispute program will be more user-friendly than suing a lawyer.)

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