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    Default Lawyer Would Not Continue Representation Without Additional Fee

    I am getting a divorce. I had an attorney to whom I'd paid a total of $2500. My attorney told me that my husband had fired his attorney and that I would have to pay an additional $1700 to keep my lawyer to cover the paperwork for both parties. I could not afford this and she was not willing to take payments, so she resigned. Two days later I found that my husband and his attorney had lied about my husband firing his attorney. Despite this, my attorney still refused to represent me without the additional $1700. My attorney told me that she would not be give me a billing statement or court paperwork until she was officially resigned form the case, which she said could take up to two months. However, today I found that somehow my husband received my defense statement and almost all of my information in terms of my defense. This leaves me suspicious of my ex-lawyer. I need a pro bono lawyer in Georgia. Please give me any advice for my situation that you can provide.

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    Default Re: In Need of a New Lawyer and Advice

    Call Legal Aid, or start calling attorneys.

    Your State Bar Association may also be able to provide a low-cost referral. You can call this number to begin with: 404-527-8700

    Most family law attorneys don't work for free though.
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