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    Default Bought a Motorcycle, But Seller Wasn't Title Owner

    I purchased a motorcycle, I searched the VIN and it has a clean title no lein has not been stolen no accidents. However I bought the motorcycle in NY and the title is from NC and the guy I bought it from said the title was never transferred to his name but he showed me a bill of sale from the dealership he bought it from. I tried and cannot contact the dealership or the person who's name the bike is in. I received a bill of sale I physically have the title. What action could I take to get the title in my name or even somehow request a new title

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    Default Re: Bought a Motorcycle

    to get the title in your name, you have the listed owner sign off on the title and list you as the purchaser.
    or, you have the guy that sold it to you transfer the title into his name and then he can transfer it into your name.

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