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    Default Is Making a Website Allowing People to Write Letters to Celebrities Legal


    I have made few websites regarding which I wanted to know the legals aspects and possible issues.

    1) I have made this website using which people can write letters to celebrities, actors and other famous people.

    I wanted to know if there are any factors I should take care of? Do I have the rights to post profiles of people and encouraging users to write them online letters ?

    Also, should I moderate the content of the letters?

    There are lacs of listings in my website of people from all fields including politicans, adult stars, sportsmen, tv actors and other celebrities.

    As such, there are many websites on which thousands of celebrities are represented and their profiles are posted and people can write letters to celebrities or politicians in their personal blogs also. My website has simply given a central platform for enabling fans to write letters mentioning their praises, grievances and other emotions. However, apart from writing letters, I am also showing pictures, news & videos of the celebrities.

    In case any celebrity has an issue with my website, what can be the ramifications? Will he send legal notice to me before taking any action or can he directly take action against my website?

    2) Similarly, I have one more website where I am allowing people to write reviews on movies, books, music etc and that lisiting also involves lot of adult films, local music albums etc. As such there are many websites which allow users to submit reviews, but I wanted to know if there are any legal perspectives I should take care of..

    3) In a third website, I am allowing people to search and read feeds. I wanted to know if I have the rights to display the content from RSS feeds from various publishers on my website?
    My website is more like an online RSS Feed Reader, and I am also giving attributions to all the sources from which I am getting the RSS content. I have seen many such websites already running like

    Also advice me if I need to put any disclaimers or policies on my website for all of the above three websites, particularly the first


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    Default Re: Is Making a Website Allowing People to Write Letters to Celebrities Legal

    Whenever you're dealing with user-created content, you should educate yourself on the DMCA and its safe harbor provisions, and take appropriate steps to register a DMCA agent with the copyright office. There's a point at which moderation can potentially make you responsible for the content on your site, but I'll leave it to you to Google up some articles on the subject.

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