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    Default Restricted License and Parenting Time

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: Michgian

    Im not sure where to post this but I have a restricted license for 90 days due to the stupid mistake of getting a DUI and I am going through a divorce. My wife has the kids (due to my travel schedule) but we have agreed that I get a good amount of parenting time when i can get time off work. Is there any way I can petition the courts to modify my license to include going and picking up my kids for our time together.


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    Default Re: Restricted License and Parenting Time

    You can certainly ask. But it's unlikely to be granted. There's a reason restricted licenses are restricted, after all.

    Doesn't hurt to try, just be prepared to hear No.

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    Default Re: Restricted License and Parenting Time

    I think it is very unlikely. Many states have occupational or work related license opportunities. But, I have never heard of a allowance such as you refer to. You might want to do some research to see if you could possibly petition for an ignition interlock restricted license, though. That is the only option that seems plausible to me.

    If that turns out to not be a possibility for you, there are other ways of getting around. You can have a family member or friend drive you, you can try to work an arrangement with the ex that she brings the kids to you, you can take public transportation, or even a taxi. None of these are convenient, and some entail added expense, but they are other options. It is only for 3 months after all.
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