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    Default Can You Remove Your Parents From Your Birth Certificate

    I am from Maryland i am 24 and no stop fighting with my parents, even after i have been moved out of my parents house for over 4 years now. Is it possible to get both of their names taken off my birth birth certificate? I don't want any documentation linking them to me anymore.

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    Default Re: Divorce


    Unless you are adopted by someone else as an adult, you cannot remove your parents in that manner.
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    Default Re: Divorce

    I don't want any documentation linking them to me anymore.

    A birth certificate is not a declaration of who you love or get along with. It is legal documentation of parentage, and nothing more. You cannot change the facts of your parentage.

    If you want to cut contact with your parents, grow a pair and cut contact. This passive-aggressive "Take them off my birth certificate!" nonsense accomplishes nothing.
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