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    Default Residency Issues for a College Student

    My residency is in CA; I have lived here basically my entire life. However, I go to school in TX. I prefer to use my dorm address as the place of residency so that I don't have to fly back to CA for fingerprinting, interviews, etc. Any advice on what address I should use?
    -I have lived in the same dorm for over a year, but I will get kicked off-campus next semester so my address will change. However, I can keep my mailbox address at the dorm until I graduate.


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    Default Re: Residency Issues for a College Student

    Here's the thing: The AR-11 is used to report where you live, not your mailing address. Unless you're living in a post office box on campus, when you are "kicked off-campus next semester" your address would either be your permanent address or the place to which you move. Each time you move you must report your new address within ten days of moving.

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