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    Default PPO for Minor Daughter Against Ex's Boyfriend

    My question involves restraining orders in the State of: Michigan

    Is it possible to obtain a personal protection order for my daughter against my ex's boyfriend that lives in the same household as the child? I do have have joint legal custody of my child. This man has had multiple gun charges along with a OWI charge. He had multiple semi-automatic weapons with excessive ammo within 3 feet of the uncased weapon, a pipe bomb, knife, shotgun, and loaded handgun in the center console all removed from one traffic stop. This guy has also shot himself accidently in his leg and assisted my 2 year old child shoot a handgun. All of these statements I have proof (pictures, ect) I feel my daughter could be in danger, Child protective services has already been contacted but want to do everything in my power to protect her from this guy and what he is capable of doing.

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    Default Re: PPO for Minor Daughter Against Ex's Boyfriend-Mi

    You are confusing a PPO with simply seeking to have the child removed from a possibly dangerous situation. I see no claim for a PPO. You have said nothing about the guy threatening the child and that is what a PPO is for.

    If you believe the living situation is a problem, you need to address it as you have or you can address it through the family court and either seek some control to be put in place by the court or give you custody.

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