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    Unhappy My Sweet Cat Was Viciously Killed by My Landlord's Dogs at My Home

    My question involves an injury that occurred in the state of: Georgia

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    Default Re: My Sweet Cat Was Viciously Killed by My Landlord's Dogs at My Home

    INSIDE your home, or in the yard? Is the yard fenced? Gated?

    Was the incident reported to your city or county animal control? Do you know if there were any previous issues with the dogs?

    Sadly, the courts view pets as no different than any other property. If you incurred vet bills, you may be able to recover those expenses if you sue. Be sure to save any paperwork or receipts from any vets. Beyond that the only other compensation the court can provide to you would be the "fair value" of the cat. Any other recourse against the dog and/or dog's owner, if appropriate, would come from animal control.

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