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    Default How Long After Stealing Can You Still Be Charged

    My question involves criminal law for the state of: North Carolina

    Awhile back,I made a terrible decision to shoplift at a store. I stole a hard drive costing somewhere around $100.
    I was stopped at the door and went to the back and had a talk.
    They took my info and might consider pressing charges and will probably sent a civil demand letter. I gave the item back and paid for it because I damaged the product. I also wrote them a letter saying How i regret my actions and i was sorry.
    It has been nearly 1 years and nothing has been done. I have a question on how long do they have to press charges? My friend told me that there was a 2 years limitation on how long the store has to press charges. He also said that going out of the state will pause the limitation so if i was on vacation for 2 and a half month outside of the USA does that meant the limit was pause for 2 and half month? Does this limitation apply to them filing a law suit or demanding a civil demand? Does vacation pause the limitation for that if there is one? I was a minor at the time of the incident and if i turn 18 when they press charges will I be tried as a adult? Its been almost 1 year but i'm still scared they will do something. I greatly regret my decision to steal and I will never do it again. I wish i could take all that back.

    -Hay Don Jun

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    Default Re: How Long After Stealing Can You Still Be Charged

    In North Carolina the SOL is two two years.

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