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    Default J-1 Visa Short-Term Scholar As an Undergraduate


    I am an undergraduate science student in Britain, and have been accepted to work at a scientific institute in the US on a research project this coming summer.
    However, the institute can only sponsor J-1 applicants as Research scholars or Short-term scholars.

    After receiving my DS-2019 form from the institute, I noticed that they had listed me as a graduate student. When I notified the institute of the mistake, they said it wasn't a mistake but that it was the only option for me to be receive my J-1 visa, and that if I was questioned on it in my interview I should say that I am engaging in research, and that I intend to continue in a research career in the future, and that there were no other options available to me (but I will tell them I am an undergraduate student if asked).

    Basically I now want to know if 1. if this tactic has any chance of working, and 2. that if it doesn't work it could have a negative effect on any future visa applications I make to the US. Having done some research of my own, I have seen that at the University of Pennsylvania they advise that:

    "All J-1 scholars at Penn are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a directly related field and have demonstrated relevant experience in their field of expertise.

    In very limited extenuating circumstances, an exception might be made. If the prospective J-1 scholar is an undergraduate student in his or her home country, include, with the completed J-1 request, a letter written on the student's behalf from a professor or advisor at the home institution overseas, describing how the proposed research project will enhance the person's educational objectives and explaining why the research could not be conducted at the home university/country."

    And have thus also asked a professor at my university for a supporting letter.

    Thank you for your help

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    Default Re: J-1 Visa Short-Term Scholar As an Undergraduate

    Nobody here is at all likely to tell you to be deceptive on your application for a visa. Unfortunately we have no choice but to be conservative, and to remind you of the worst-case scenario.

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