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    Default Re: Is It Against the Law To

    Not even "to one!" The riddle of the millennium!

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    Default Re: Is It Against the Law To

    At the end of the day, and while you can claim your rights to free speech... So can the cop.
    Take away his badge and his gun for a minute... He felt he had something to say, and he said it.
    Give him his badge and his gun back................ He felt he had something to say, and he said it.
    The simple fact that he had a badge and a gun, that you were intimidated by both and sat there and listened, does not mean much really. Even though you're now thinking "he couldn't have stopped me, I did nothing wrong", you're also right in thinking that he really could have... But he didn't...
    So why is this any different than the average Joe pulling up next to you and expressing his opinion?

    -Well because the average joe couldn't arrest me or give me a ticket for a trumped up charge....

    Let me add this question: If it was a priest or a rabbi who'd chewed you out, would you have started a thread about it? (and the reason I included the Rabbi was to simply avoid any commentary about priests not being "holier than thou"... catholic church problem of late.... etc!)

    -A priest or rabbi can't give you a ticket.....

    Either way, if we're going to question his reaction, I think we should also consider yours.... Could a simple honk of your horn have been more appropriate course of action in response to what might have been a simple error (overshooting his lane) that you yourself admit to a making a handful of times? Or is flipping the bird the only way to react when someone overshoots their lane?

    -A simple error? ....the offender very nearly almost hit me, I wouldn't say that was a simple error, and too, you've misinterpreted my post, I said I've thrown out a hand gesture a handful of times, NOT over-shoot my lane and nearly run in to it again

    Yeah.. Well think about the fact that not only LEOs carry guns! And the fact still remains that you can only control your own behavior and you can only rationalize your own reactions, You don't know how anyone will react in response to your gesture. Whether it was the driver you reacted to who might have had a gun, or the officer whom, to you, seemed hateful and vindictive because he chewed you out... (although he really could have ruined your day if he'd wanted to)... Spontaneous as it may have been, you took a chance that day by expressing yourself in the manner you did!

    -he seemed hateful and vindictive because Thats the way he came across (any normal person would've interpreted it the same way) ruining my day, how do you mean? by writing me a citation for something I didn't do? ....yea, guess you got that one right...because I wasn't breaking any laws, Except maybe when he pulled along side of me and started puking his pablem.....guess he could've gotten me for careless driving(?)

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