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    Default Under Investigation by Child Protective Services

    state of MI, county Oakland

    so almost a month ago I recieved a visit from the police and CPS.
    They were here on allegations of child abuse and a complain I am running a drug house and involving my 5 year old in the illegal production and distribution of narcotics.

    I belive my Ex wife made this call, though I can't prove it. We are in a custody battle, I have custody of the kids and she wants them back. the day before CPS came, I recieved a summons for a modification of custody. This is the second time in 6 months that she has called the police on me.

    So I let them in my house, I have a medical marijuana grow, which was cleared by the police for a 2nd time. They told CPS that I am in FULL compliance with the mmj laws.

    Then next day, without me knowing, CPS social worker interviewed my child at school, as well as observed me interacting with her while I dropped her off at school, again without me knowing. She then came to my house and did yet another walk through.

    She found no problems, she told me she found no evidence of abuse or neglect as well.

    She called me later that night and requested I submit to a drug screen by the next day, she said as long as there was nothing other than marijuana in my system, the case would be dismissed as unfounded. I submitted the drug test, passed for everything including marijuana(I actually rarely smoke marijauana)

    3 weeks go by, I hear nothing. Then today I recieve a phone call from the case worker. She requested the names of my children's doctors. I gave her the name and #, and asked her why. I told her that she had told me there was no evidence of abuse, I passed my drug test, so what is going on. She said "thank you mr.######, I will call you with my reccomendations" and hung up the phone.

    WTF is going on? I would think that since 3 weeks have gone by that if they thought there was a problem they would have taken action sooner? According to MI law, they have 30 days to conduct and investigation. Is this just a formality before they close the case? I am seriously sick of these people. I have cooperated with them fully, provided all information they requested, taken a drug test, been cleared by the police. What do they want from me? My home was clean and well stocked with food on the home visit, my children are clean and well dressed. I don't abuse them. I don't involve or expose them to marijuana or any other drugs.
    I feel like I am being harrassed and bullied. I have done nothing wrong. I told the case worker my ex is living with a man that attacked a women with a knife, that uses heroin, and her daugter is being watched by this man while my ex works. She didn't seem to care about that.
    Please help

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    Default Re: Under Investigation by Child Protective Services

    Presumably the case worker wanted to follow up with the children's pediatricians to investigate or verify... something. Your guess should be better than ours.

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    Default Re: Under Investigation by Child Protective Services

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    I told the case worker my ex is living with a man that attacked a women with a knife, that uses heroin, and her daugter is being watched by this man while my ex works. She didn't seem to care about that.
    Please help
    If you didn't bother to tell social services stuff like this until there was an investigation on you, what kind of credibility do you expect the accusation to have? Answer: zero. Why? Because if you had genuine concern that the child was being left in the company of a knife-toting herion user, you'd have called a long time ago to make a report of such a situation, rather than simply mentioning it in passing in the midst of an investigation into YOU, right?

    As for the rest of the investigation, I wouldn't worry about it. CPS doesn't like it any more than you do that they have a mandate to follow up on reports, even the bullsh*t ones associated with ex's in custody disputes (which wastes lots of time and money and takes away resources from children in actual danger). However, you have some unique aspects in your case which may be garnering some added attention - namely the marijuana grow. Not only is the other parent likely expressing concern that that the substance may be accessible by the kids (if it's being grown at the home), but also likely trying to make a case that if you're "so bad off" that you need to use medical marijuana, that you're not able to adequately parent/protect/supervise the kids. It's an issue that gets raised in almost EVERY case where one parent is on ANY type of long term narcotic, marijuana, pain killers, and lots of other classes of drugs.

    Yes, you are getting lots of attention. No, the agencies involved aren't likely TRYING to harass or bully you. They too have better things to do than be pawns in a custody battle. What they ARE doing is reacting to reports/complaints that involve children, and yes, they are going to err on the side of caution. Just keep doing what you're doing - no one has found any issues yet, and the more thorough things get "checked out" now, the LESS checking or response is likely when the ex makes FUTURE calls/complaints. Grit your teeth and get through it.

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    Default Re: Under Investigation by Child Protective Services

    I didn't call on her because I have an injunction keeping the guy from being around the kids, AND she only has them 1 day per week.
    I did call on behalf of my former stepdaugter and the guy on the phone said "how does that effect the welfare of the kids"
    So I have tried, they just didn't care.

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